If you plan on attending East Stroudsburg University, the courses you take during high school are very important, not only for admission, but also for how well you are prepared to handle college level courses.

This guide was prepared to assist you in planning your high school courses to maximize your exposure to the subjects and courses that we expect students to complete during high school.

Course Selection

Your academic record in a challenging college preparatory program is the single most important factor when being considered for admission. 

East Stroudsburg University places emphasis on college-prep courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. We also look for honors, AP and IB courses you may have taken. This demonstrates your commitment to taking on academic challenges and makes you a stronger candidate for admission.

ENGLISH (Minimum of 4 years) East Stroudsburg requires prospective students to pass four years of high school English.

MATHEMATICS (Minimum of 3 years) ESU requires three years of college preparatory mathematics. However, we recommend four years of college preparatory mathematics as shown below:

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • A senior year Mathematics course such as trigonometry, pre-calculus, or calculus.

SCIENCE (Minimum of 3 years) Most colleges and universities require or recommend a minimum of three or four years of science. East Stroudsburg University requires 3 years of science, two of which should be lab science courses.

  • General, physical or earth science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

SOCIAL STUDIES (Minimum of 3 years) Prospective students should complete a minimum of three high school social studies courses. Classes should include civics and/or American Government, US and World History.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE (2 years preferred) East Stroudsburg University prefers that applicants have completed at least 2 years of a single foreign language.

*Please note Nursing Requires additional coursework over above general admission to the University. Please view these requirement at: Nursing Admission Criteria

Are standardized test scores required for Math and English course placement once enrolled?

Yes. ACT/SAT test scores are used for Math and English course placement. If test scores are not provided, additional testing will be required for placement purposes.

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