Welcome Back Warrior!

If you were previously registered at East Stroudsburg University, and have been away from ESU for one academic term, you are required to submit an online readmit petition application.

There is no need to apply for readmission if you:

  • Received an Official Withdrawal (W grades) for the semester prior to the one in which you would like to return to the university.
  • Are a Graduate Student? If so, you must contact the Graduate College.

Students are readmitted based on their prior catalog requirements. Depending on how long you have been away, requirements in your program may have changed. To review your program and degree requirements, please access the university catalog.

Petition Submission Deadline

Readmit Petition submission deadlines are based on the semester you intend to resume your studies with us. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your petition to be completely processed. If you have any questions about your petition or the readmit process, please contact the Office of Admissions at readmit@esu.edu or (570) 422-3542.

In order to process your request in a timely fashion and be considered for re-admission your “Readmit Petition” must be submitted 3 weeks before semester starts.

After Your Petition has been approved you:

  • Will receive an email with your ESU student ID number and instructions to log into your myESU portal.
  • Must contact your Academic Adviser for course advisement and registration.
  • If you attended any other school since you left ESU, and attempted less than 12 credits, official transcripts are required for readmission.
  • If you left ESU for medical reasons, please be prepared to submit medical documentation (s), if a Medical Withdrawal was not done prior to leaving.

Account Holds

If you have any of the following hold(s) on your account:

  • Math Competency (MC) Hold
    A Basic Mathematical Skills Competency requirement is one of the requirements for an undergraduate degree from East Stroudsburg University and complete the form which needs to be signed off by your adviser and sent over to Student Enrollment Services for processing, or call the Math department at (570) 422-3447.
  • Outstanding Balance (PD) or a Prior Balance Payment Plan (PB) Hold
    Students are responsible for the payment of tuition, fees, room and board, meal plans and payments for miscellaneous items such as study abroad programs, theater productions, and library fees. Readmit students are required to have a zero balance prior to returning back to ESU. Please contact Ms. Laura LaMura at llamura@esu.edu (570) 422-3784 regarding payment.
  • Student Conduct Sanction (SC) Hold
    The primary focus of Student Conduct and Community Standards is to administer campus judicial procedures in support of the university's efforts to promote a disciplined community. Student Conduct and Community Standards encourages equality, dignity and mutual respect among members of the campus and the adjacent communities. Please contact the office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, Mr. Allen Williams at awilliam94@esu.edu or (570) 422-3074.

* Note: Registration will be blocked until hold(s) are removed.

Financial Aid Questions

  • The Office of Student Financial Aid at ESU administers both Federal and State aid for all eligible ESU students. In order to be considered for financial aid, students are encouraged to apply for 21/22 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application at www.fafsa.gov.
  • If you have not already completed your 21/22 FAFSA, please make sure to include East Stroudsburg University in the form – 003320.
  • Please fill out the form for any additional Financial Aid inquiries.

Special Accommodations

If you received academic or housing accommodations at ESU in the past, it will be necessary for you to reapply for those accommodations by filling out the Accommodation Request form.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your petition or the readmit process, please contact the Office of Admissions at readmit@esu.edu or (570) 422-3542.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Reibman Administration Building
(570) 422-3542
(570) 422-3933 (Fax)
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