Can we show off a bit? Here are a few actual jobs that our recent English majors have landed in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Medical Writer
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Manager of Digital Operations
  • Video Game Writer
  • Reporter
  • Chief Copyeditor
  • Associate Medical Editor

We could go on. When it comes to stories and well-crafted, high-impact communication, we're the experts. We analyze stories. We craft them. We use the latest digital tech to create professional documents with them.

And employers in the 2020s want who we're graduating.

As US News & World Report put it recently, "Increasingly, employers seek workers who possess strong communication, creative thinking and interpersonal skills, all of which students should develop in college-level English courses."

Employees who can create persuasive narratives, it turns out, are prized in the worlds of business, media, education, the law, and an array of other career paths.

Of course, an English degree is much more than great preparation for tomorrow's "story-driven" job markets.

Majoring in English is about learning to think smartly and creatively.

It's about being woke—and awakening others—as writers, educators, and rounded human beings.

To find out more about ESU’s English major, the various tracks you can choose, and how they meet your goals and dreams, you can start by emailing Dr. Jeff Hotz, department chair or by calling us at (570) 422-3315.

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Dr. Jeff Hotz, department chair, by email or at (570) 422-3315 to learn more about ESU’s English major.

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