The corporate world knows all about the usefulness of English majors.

As the Wall Street Journal recently put it, English grads are "the hot new hires."

English is the perfect preparation for a job in business, media, education, the law, and an array of other career paths.

We teach you to communicate effectively and to think imaginatively. You can learn to:

  • write web content, poetry, fiction, public relations copy, technical documents, and journalism
  • conceive winning advertising and public relations strategies
  • teach English in the schools
  • explore great literature from around the world

Many of our amazing majors also go on to graduate education in countless disciplines.

To study English is to be timeless, practical, inspirational, and needed in today’s world.

To find out more about ESU’s English major, the various tracks you can choose, and how they meet your goals and dreams, you can start by emailing Dr. Jeff Hotz, department chair or by calling us at (570) 422-3315.

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Dr. Jeff Hotz, department chair, by email or at (570) 422-3315 to learn more about ESU’s English major.

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