The Faculty Development and Research (FDR) grants program, is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and managed by the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research.

The FDR Committee is made up of faculty representing all the university colleges and they are responsible for reviewing applications and making decisions of grant awards.

ESU faculty can apply in three grant categories: the Start It Grant, the Grow It Grant, and the Finish It Grant.

The FDR grant program provides funding to ESU faculty members to further their professional development.

The FDR program's focus is on emphasizing the inclusion of undergraduate and graduate student researchers as well as leveraging external grants and interdisciplinary research.

All grant proposals must be submitted online via the University's grant application software: ESU eGRANTS. Register yourself in the portal today.

Read the 2023-24 FDR Guidelines for important information on the application and submission instructions.

FDR Winner's Circle AY 2022-23

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Please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research with any questions.

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Director Office of Sponsored Projects and Research, Assistant to the Provost for Research