We welcome you to use the following guide to view the transfer equivalencies ESU has established to date with numerous colleges, community colleges, and universities.

Searching for Course Equivalencies:

  • Equivalencies are the most current to date, are evaluated on an on-going basis, and are subject to change. Equivalencies should be used as reference only.
  • You MUST enter a space between the subject and course number when searching for courses.
  • The Equivalency Guide is not a complete catalog listing. If your institution or course(s) are not listed, course equivalency credit will be evaluated at the time of admission review, provided the official college transcript has been received.
  • You must type the full institutional name (abbreviations such as LCCC, NCC, etc. are not recognized). Once you've selected your institution, a full, alphabetical list of all previously evaluated courses will populate on the left, and the ESU equivalent will populate on the right. To narrow down your options, you can type at least a partial course number from the transferring institution (for example, if you are searching for a english course, but aren't sure of the full course number, you can type "ENG" and all course prefixes starting with ENG from that institution will populate).
  • AP and CLEP course equivalencies - enter "AP' or "CLEP' to view the transfer credit equivalent at ESU.
  • Applicants receive an official transfer credit evaluation (TCE) with their offer of admission or within 7 - 10 days from the offer of admission.

Transfer Equivalency Course Code Guide

  • If an exact ESU course match exists, the course number will reflect the ESU equivalent course.
  • If there is no exact match, but the course transfers as an elective, the original course title from the sending institution will be retained.
  • GN: transfers as a General Education subject equivalent.
  • 199: transfers as a General Education equivalent subject although the course is not offered by ESU.
  • 299-399: Department Elective, ESU academic department determines how the course is applied to the major.
  • ELEC 299: Elective credit; course that does not fit either General Education or major requirements.

Courses Not in the Equivalency Database

Indicates the course has not been evaluated to date, but still may be transferable to ESU. In this situation, the course will be evaluated at the time of application review, provided the Office of Admissions has received an official transcript with final grades from the institution. The Transfer Center will then review the course for possible transfer credit, determine the equivalency, and send an updated Transfer Credit Evaluation to the student.

How the course applies toward general education requirements or the major will be determined by the respective ESU academic department.

How Credits Transfer

To see how credits transfer to ESU please visit How Credits Transfer.

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