How to Apply

The Graduate and Extended Studies coordinates the admission process for graduate degree and post-baccalaureate certification programs.

To ensure that the program coordinator will have adequate time to review and make a decision on your application, all items should be submitted at least one week before the start of the semester unless the program maintains an application deadline.

A complete application file includes the following:

A complete application file includes the following:

All application materials should be sent to the Graduate and Extended Studies office or via e-mail to

East Stroudsburg University
Graduate and Extended Studies
Reibman Administration Building
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

  • A $50 application fee is required. The application fee cannot be waived and is non-refundable regardless of the admission decision.
  • Official transcript: submit official transcript from each institution you attended, regardless of the number of credit hours earned at that institution. Official e-transcripts will also be considered and should be sent to
  • GRE: students applying for degree programs in Athletic Training, Biology, Public Health and Communication Sciences and Disorders are required to submit a copy of their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score report. GRE scores are not required for applying to other degree programs and post-baccalaureate certification programs. Some programs may consider accepting GMAT or MAT scores in lieu of the GRE.
  • Goals Statement: the one-page letter should discuss, but not limited to, where your interest in the field stems from, how this degree will help you professionally, how your educational and professional experiences have prepared you to be successful in a graduate program, where you see the degree taking you within the next five years.
  • Letters of Recommendation: signed letters of recommendation should be sent directly from the person writing a recommendation on your behalf. While it is not required, if your recommender would prefer a recommendation form, they are welcome to submit the following recommendation form.
  • Writing Sample: students applying for degree programs in Communication are required to submit a writing sample. The writing sample should demonstrate skills at sentence construction, spelling, interpretation, analysis and original thinking. Applicants can submit either an academic paper (minimum of 2400 words, maximum of 4000 words) or a professional writing sample (for example, from a web page, marketing campaign, department report, training manual, etc.). All submitted work must be the work of the applicant.

Application Deadlines

Biology: Fall - June 1st, Spring - Oct. 1st
Clinical Exercise Physiology: Summer - March 1st
Exercise Science: Summer - March 1st, Spring - Dec. 1st
Speech-Language Pathology: Fall - February 1st

All other programs maintain a rolling admission policy for all enrollment terms. Application materials should be submitted at least one week prior to the start of the semester.

Special Status/Non-Degree Enrollment

Special Status Enrollment Application

  • Used only for non-degree/non-matriculating enrollment
  • Student must provide proof of bachelor’s degree, no additional requirements necessary
  • No deadline, students can enroll under special status until registration is closed
  • No application fee

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at (570) 422-3536 should you have any questions about Graduate Admissions.

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