Since 1981, East Stroudsburg University has offered the opportunity for senior citizens to enroll in courses tuition-free.

To qualify, you must be a legal resident of Pennsylvania, sixty years of age or older and retired (i.e., not presently engaged in full-time employment).

Under this program, senior citizens are limited to a maximum of six credits (usually two courses) per semester in a non-degree status. The non-degree application can be completed online.

If you plan to take more than six credits or enroll as a degree-seeking student you are not eligible for the senior citizen tuition waiver.

Registration for classes is done on a "space available" basis. That is, after all other degree-seeking students have had the opportunity to register, senior citizens may sign up.

If you have a bachelor's degree and wish to take graduate courses, please do not complete this application.

The Graduate School has a senior citizen application for those interested in higher-level courses. Senior citizens must submit an application and eligibility form for EACH SEMESTER.

After course registration, you will receive a bill for tuition and fees.

The billing statement must be returned to the Business Office with the notation "Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver".

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