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Re-Admit Policy

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Welcome Back Warrior!

If you were previously registered at East Stroudsburg University, and have not been in attendance for one or more semesters, you are required to submit a readmit petition. There is no need to apply for readmission if you received an Official Withdrawal (W grades) for the semester prior to the one in which you would like to return to the university.

Readmit Petition Students are readmitted based on the current catalog requirements for the semester they will be resuming their studies. Depending on how long you have been away, requirements in your program may have changed. To review your program and degree requirements, please access the university catalog.

Petition Submission Deadline

Readmit Petition submission deadlines are based on the semester you intend to resume your studies with us, can be found below. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your petition to be completely processed. If you have any questions about your petition or the readmit process, please contact the Admission Office at (570) 422-3542.

In order to process your request in a timely fashion and be considered for admission your “Readmit Petition” must be submitted during the following time frame:

Fall 2018 May 1, 2018
Spring 2018 November 15, 2017

After Your Petition has been approved you:

  • Will receive an email with your ESU student ID number and instructions to log into your myESU portal.
  • Should contact your Academic Advisor for course advisement.

Special Accommodations

If you received academic or housing accommodations at ESU in the past, it will be necessary for you to reapply for those accommodations by filling out the Accommodation Request form.

Financial Aid Questions

Questions regarding financial aid can be directed to a financial aid counselor below:


If selected for verification, you will be directed to the FAS verification website at FAS will contact your for additional information and ask you to complete the required verification interview. Please watch for emails from

Outstanding Balances and Payments

For questions relating to resolving your prior balance and payment arrangements, please contact: Wanda Diaz-Joshua, Student Accounts,