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ESU eliminated mandatory submission of SAT/ACT scores as part of the admission process.*

ESU’s selection process is still rigorous, but we have opted to lift the barrier of standardized test scores for worthy candidates to join our caring and collaborative university community. By removing the emphasis on SAT/ACT scores, our admissions team places greater emphasis on grades, curriculum, class rank (if applicable) and attendance!

Please feel free to contact your Admission counselor if you have any further questions.

*Please see questions below for more information

  1. Are there any programs/majors that require ACT/SAT scores?
    Yes, if you are interested in any of the programs below please submit scores:
    • Biology: Pre-Med
    • Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy
    • Biology: Pre-Physician assistant
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Security
    • Mathematics (all concentrations)
    • Medical Technology
    • Nursing
    • Pre-Nursing
  2. Are ACT/SAT scores required for scholarship consideration?
    There are a number of scholarships that require ACT/SAT scores, as well as other criteria, to be considered for these scholarships.