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Curriculum Materials Center

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Curriculum Material Center

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC), located on the ground floor of the Library, provides comprehensive and easily accessible pedagogical resource support for the students and faculty in the College of Education and of East Stroudsburg University in general.

The Center houses a collection of textbooks, ancillary materials, models, and catalogs of audio-visual materials as well as supplies which are used at both the elementary and secondary levels.

An important goal of the CMC is to support the College of Education in preparing students who are reflective and deliberate decision makers able to teach any child in any setting.

To this end the CMC ensures that its collections and resources are current, broad-based, reflective of the diversity and needs of its clientele, and are presented in a service-oriented environment.

Closely aligned to the CMC and physically adjacent to it are the children’s and young adult literature collections.

These collections contain books for pre-school through young adult readers and are primarily designed for the use of students in education and reading courses as well as their faculty.

The collections are divided into four sections: easy books (pre-school to third grade reading level); fiction books (fourth grade to eighth grade) and YA–young adult/teen literature (grade 9 to grade 12 reading level); biography (all reading levels); and non-fiction (all reading levels).

Separate collections of Newbery, Caldecott, and Michael Printz Award books are also maintained.