Having Trouble Logging Into Library Databases Off Campus?

Off Campus Login Method

If you are working from off campus or from a computer that isn’t part of the ESU network you will need to login before you can use many of our online resources.

Once you have clicked on a resource, Keystone Library Network Pass Screen will appear.

Off Campus Login

Kemp Library provides 2 methods for you to login. Choose ONE.

  1. Library ID Login (left side):
    • Enter your ESU barcode number where it says “Library Barcode or Identification.” Your ESU barcode is your Student ID Number. If you have an ESU eCard, you can find this number printed on the back of the eCard
    • Enter your last name. EXAMPLE: If your last name is Smith, enter Smith.
    • Click LOGIN and you’ll be taken to your chosen online resource.
  2. Username/Password Login (right side):
    • Select “East Stroudsburg University” from the drop-down list of institutions
    • Enter the username portion of your campus e-mail address (do not include “@live.esu.edu”)
    • Enter your E-mail password
    • Click Login and you’ll be taken to your chosen online resource.


  • VERY IMPORTANT – Be sure that you are using the links from the Kemp Library website. If you need to access an electronic resource at home or anywhere else off campus, you must use the link for that database on the Kemp Library website. After you sign in, you’ll be recognized as a valid ESU student, faculty or staff member.
  • If you are on campus, our IP ranges will pick up that you are a valid ESU student, faculty or staff member and you won't need to sign in.
  • Clear your internet browser history, cache and cookies then try again.
  • Try a different internet browser or update your current browser.
  • Type carefully and make sure your CAPS LOCK is off. Many login failures occur because of typing errors.
  • Can’t remember your username/password? Contact Academic Computing.

For any other access issues or questions about online databases contact the Reference Desk (570) 422-3594 or our Electronic Resources Librarian, Allyson Wind. Allyson’s office phone number is (570) 422-3597.

Please be ready to describe your problem in detail, including any error messages you may have received. Screenshots are also very helpful in diagnosing your access problem.

Disclaimer About Newly Registered Students

There are many steps taken to ensure that newly registered students have the resources they need to access library databases off campus. It can take 3-5 business days for new students to successfully log in to library databases off campus. If you are not able to log in after this period of time, further investigation will be necessary to resolve your login problem.

Questions About your ESU Status

If you have questions about your ESU status, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Guest Access to Library Computer/Online Databases

Remote access (off campus) is not available to the general public, alumni, and individuals with ESU Courtesy Cards.

As of August 2016, Guest Passes/Courtesy Cards to use computers or to access Wi-Fi are not available.

Contact Us

Call Kemp Library phone directory for more information about resources and services (570) 422-3465.

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