Access Services Department Includes

The mission of Access Services is to provide courteous and equal services to all patrons, implement policies and procedures that ensure the greatest possible use of library material, and promote practices that enhance the security of the library’s collection.

Circulation/Reserves focuses on the general and course reserve collections of Kemp Library.

This involves but is not limited to shelving, stacks maintenance, patron registration, patron records maintenance, processing items for print and electronic reserves, compiling circulation statistics, providing basic directional information to library users, and formulating and enforcing circulation policies and procedures.

For information on Copying and Printing at the Library, see our Copying and Printing page.

To Contact the Access Services Department, please call (570) 422-3126

Circulation Policy

The Circulation Desk, which is located near the main entrance on the first floor of Kemp Library, is responsible for checking out all materials in the library, including course reserves and laptops. These policies cover borrowing and loan privileges as well as fines, fees, and all other library charges that users of the library may incur. They are formulated to facilitate access to materials and services in Kemp Library while also protecting the library’s collections.

Library Operating Hours and Building Entrance Procedures

Library operating hours are posted on the Kemp Library Homepage, on the Operating Hours page, and in front of the Kemp Library building, to the right of the main entrance. All students, faculty and staff must swipe their eCards to enter the library after 6 PM Sunday -Thursday. Without a valid e-Card, there will be no access to the building after the doors are locked at 6 PM.

Library Card

Your student, staff, or faculty eCard ID is your library card. The barcode number on the back is your borrower ID number. ESU alumni are eligible to receive courtesy cards.

You must have your ID card to borrow materials, including reserve items and laptops.

Any items taken out with your ID card are the responsibility of the cardholder. If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the Circulation Desk as soon as possible so that the card can be blocked from use.

The library reserves the right to suspend the borrowing privileges of anyone abusing library policies and privileges.

Questions or comments concerning the lending policies of Kemp Library should be directed to the Circulation Desk, at (570) 422-3126.

Loan Periods and Renewals

The regular loan period for ESU undergraduate students and courtesy borrowers is four weeks (28 days). Faculty, staff, and graduate students have a fifteen-week loan period. Baker and Taylor books may be borrowed for

Materials can be renewed once as long as the items are not overdue, on hold, or recalled. Items can be renewed in person, by phone or by email.

Materials will not be available for renewal if another patron has placed a hold or recall on the item. Overdue items can only be renewed at the Circulation Desk.

Holds and Recalls

Patrons can request to have a hold placed on materials on loan to another patron. Only patrons in good standing can place a hold request on library materials. Items on hold cannot be renewed. The patron who placed the hold is notified when requested items are available. Materials are held at the Circulation Desk for ten days from the date of the notice for pickup. Items will be re-shelved after the hold has expired.

Periodically, Kemp Library recalls materials. Recalls change an item’s due date. Patrons will be notified by email when an item is recalled. Overdue recalled materials are assessed overdue fines of one dollar per item per day to a maximum of fifteen dollars per item.

Requests for holds and recalls can be made through the library’s online catalog. Complete directions on this procedure are available on Kemp Library’s homepage.


Patrons are blocked from borrowing additional materials if they owe fees or have overdue materials. ESU students can also be blocked from receiving grades, registering for courses, or graduation.

Patron blocks are cleared when overdue items are returned and when fines and fees are paid.

Fines, Fees, and Other Charges

Kemp Library does not assess daily overdue fines for regular circulating items.

Overdue items returned 30 days past the due date incur a processing fee of three dollars per item.

Reserves, recalled materials, or materials requested for hold status incur daily overdue fines with no grace period. Two-hour reserves are fined twenty-five cents for each hour overdue. Overdue Overnight, Three Day, Seven Day, and recalled materials are fined one dollar per day per item up to a maximum of fifteen dollars per item.

Should a patron prefer to replace the lost materials instead of paying a replacement fee, the patron can do so subject to the approval of the Access Services Supervisor. Such approval will not result in a waver of accrued fines.

Blocks on transcripts, grades, and registration will be placed University-wide for non-payment of any fees or failure to return overdue materials.

Fines and fees can be paid for by eCard, cash, check, or money order. Courtesy borrowers can pay for fines and fees by cash, money order, or certified check.


Reserve items in print format are held behind the Circulation Desk of the library and can be retrieved from the shelves or cabinets only by library employees.

The majority of items in Kemp Library’s Reserve Collection are for two hour in-house use only. However, some items circulate overnight, for three days, or for one week. Valid ESU eCards are required to sign out reserves. No more than three reserve items can be checked out at the same time.

Course reserves support classes taught at East Stroudsburg University. However, the Reserve Collection also includes other items available to the campus community. Examples include affirmative action documents and Curriculum Committee binders. Please contact the Circulation Desk at extension 3126 or extension 3708 for additional information concerning course reserves.


Kemp Library laptop loans are available to students, faculty, and staff of East Stroudsburg University for in-library use only. Laptops can be borrowed at the Circulation Desk. The borrower is responsible for returning the laptop to the Circulation Desk upon completion of use and no later than 2 hours after checking out the laptop.

The borrower will reimburse Kemp Library for laptop repair or replacement cost in the event of damage or loss. Replacement fee shall be $1,500 (one thousand five hundred United States Dollars).

Overdue charges after the 2 hour laptop loan period shall accrue at the rate of $1.00 for every hour the laptop is overdue.

All borrowers must sign a Laptop Computer Loan Agreement form at the Circulation Desk before a laptop will be issued to them.

Noncompliance with the stipulated conditions of the Laptop Computer Loan Agreement will result in the suspension of eligibility for laptop borrowing at Kemp Library and can lead to registration, transcript, and graduation suspensions.

ESU Alumni Privileges

  • Courtesy cards are available to ESU Alumni under the following conditions:
    • Courtesy cards are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone other than the patron to whom it is issued.
    • Cards are issued for a limited time period with some provisions for extension.
    • Courtesy borrowers can have five items charged to their account at the same time
    • Courtesy borrowers are liable for the same fees and replacement costs as other users.
    • Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Access Services Department as soon as possible
    • Cards are issued at no cost but patrons will be charged a three dollar fee to replace a lost card.
    • Courtesy borrowing privileges can be revoked at the discretion of the Access Services Staff
  • Alumni have access to the following services:
    • Access to the library building before e-Card swipe doors are enabled at 8 PM.
    • Access to photocopy and microfilm machines that are cash only
  • The following services are not available for ESU Alumni:
    • Alumni cannot use Inter-library Loan and EZ Borrow services
    • Alumni cannot borrow reserve materials
    • Alumni cannot borrow laptops.
    • Alumni cannot have items laminated
    • Alumni cannot have access to computers, wifi network or databases
    • Alumni do not have access to printing or scanning services
    • Alumni cannot enter library building after the e-Card swipe doors are enabled at 8 PM

Non-University Affiliated Community Member Privileges

  • The following services are available to non-university affiliated community members:
    • Access to the library building before e-Card swipe doors are enabled at 8 PM.
    • Access to photocopy and microfilm machines that are cash only
    • Utilize library books within the library building only
  • The following services are not available to non-university affiliated community members
    • Community members cannot borrow library books
    • Community members cannot borrow reserve materials.
    • Community members cannot use Inter-library Loan and EZ Borrow services
    • Community members cannot borrow laptops
    • Community members cannot have items laminated
    • Community members do not have access to computers, wifi network or databases
    • Community members do not have access to printing or scanning services
    • Community members cannot enter the library building after the e-Card swipe doors are enabled at 8 PM

Marywood Social Work Student Library Privileges

  • The following services are available to Marywood Social Work Students:
    • Access to the library building with valid e-Cards
    • Access to computers adjacent to Circulation Desk. Students should request assistance from Circulation Staff member to sign them onto these computers.
    • Access to ESU databases via these computers only, no off campus access to databases
    • Access to photocopy and microfilm machines that are cash only
    • Utilize library books within the library building only
    • Reference services and research assistance from Kemp Library Faculty
  • The following services are not available to Marywood Social Work Students:
    • Marywood Social Work Students cannot borrow library books
    • Marywood Social Work Students cannot use Inter-library Loan and EZ Borrow services
    • Marywood Social Work Students cannot borrow laptops
    • Marywood Social Work Students cannot have items laminated
    • Marywood Social Work Students cannot have access to the wifi network
    • Marywood Social Work Students do not have access to printing or scanning services

Library Notices

All library notices are sent out by Kemp Library. These can be overdue notices, hold request letters, recall notices, cancellation notices, and notices of fines and fees.

It is the patron’s responsibility to keep Kemp Library up-to-date on any changes in street address, e-mail, and telephone numbers.

Patrons must return all library materials by the designated due date. Patrons must pay for all overdue fines, fees, and replacement charges regardless of whether or not they receive notices informing or reminding them of these fines, fees, and charges.

Lamination Policy

The library maintains two laminating machines. Lamination privileges are for current ESU students only. Lamination is for class assignments only. Lamination is done by Access Services staff, so please plan accordingly. Allow 48 hours (two business days) for your laminations to be completed.

Photo Duplication by Faculty

Library faculty and staff will have unrestricted access to a library photocopying machine for copying of work related materials including instructional handouts. Users will sign the copier register in the Access Services Department and record the number of copies made.

Academic departments on campus will have unrestricted access to free photocopying of library owned materials ONLY, such as journal articles or pages from reference books. Users will sign copier register and record the number of copies made.

Library faculty, non-library faculty, and their designee will also have unlimited access to copies from micro-forms in the library’s holdings.

For copies made from micro-forms, the faculty member or their designee will be provided the bypass key for the appropriate micro-form reader/printer. No log entries are necessary when printing from a micro-form reader/printer.

The service outlined herein is not intended to be a substitute for departmental copying or large volume copying provided by campus Printing and Duplication Services. Photo duplication privileges do not extend to personal items, promotion portfolios, class handouts, exams, quizzes, or syllabi, etc.

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