ESU's College of Education uses Tk20 Campus Tools/HigherED as a comprehensive online data management system for all student activities related to teacher or administrator certification and CAEP accreditation.

All education students are required to subscribe to Tk20 to complete course assignments and to facilitate evaluations for courses, field experiences, student teaching and administrative internships.

Tk20 tools provide direct assistance in meeting standards for accreditation mandated by CAEP.

Tk20 enables students to participate and manage their academic activities throughout their college experience.

This system allows student to:

  • Create and submit key assignments online.
  • Facilitate collaborative evaluations online between instructors, field mentors and students.
  • Create electronic portfolios documenting coursework. Keep records of field experience work and experience with student teaching/clinical practice (field assignments, field experience, student teaching, clinical practice and internships).
  • Submit forms online, including applications for student teaching and other field experiences for teacher certification


Below is a list of common questions students, faculty, and host teachers have about how to do certain tasks in Tk20. Hopefully the tutorials below will be able to guide you step by step as to how to do something. If they do not, please do not hesitate to contact our office or stop by so we can assist you. If you feel there is something you would like to see a video tutorial created for, please let us know!

TK20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tk20?
Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including: course instruction, field experience, and academic advising. East Stroudsburg University College of Education is committed to maintaining the standards of the Council for the  Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) as well as several other agencies that oversee the accreditation of the various College of Education programs. The Tk20 system provides a product that helps students and faculty track student progress through their program curricula and demonstrates that we have a system which allows us to collect, analyze and use data to improve our programs and the performance of our candidates for graduation. The Tk20 system is utilized by many other Colleges of Education around the country including Stanford University, Arizona State University, The Ohio State University and the University of Texas.
Why do I have to purchase Tk20?
The College of Education recognizes the importance of meaningful learning outcomes assessment and the collection and analysis of student performance data as critical components of effective teaching and learning. Tk20 allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including: course instruction, field experience, learning outcomes assessment, academic advising and career portfolio management. Part of the contract with Tk20 is an agreement that students pay a support fee. This fee goes towards the upkeep of the Tk20 system and technical support offered to the University and its students.
How does purchasing this account benefit me?
This one-time fee is good for 7 years and will allow you to access and use Tk20 after you graduate and start your career. In addition to submitting key assignments online, you will have the ability to create personal electronic portfolios of your selected work and allow faculty, peers and future employers to access your portfolio files within Tk20. Tk20 helps protect you by keeping a permanent record of your work after you graduate in the event that the Pennsylvania Department of Education ever questions any of your academic qualifications.
What will Tk20 cost and how do I get my student account?

Upon entering the first semester in a certification program, your cost will be $103.00 which is purchased directly from Tk20.

Access Tk20 and click on Click here to purchase your student account or register your Student Access Kit purchased at the bookstore.

Remember that you are only to use the LAST 6 DIGITS of your eCard as your student ID - Putting in all of your numbers will result in a delay of your account becoming active. Do not Google Tk20 because you can be taken to a different universities' server.

I am getting Tk20 messages in my D2L account. Does that mean I already have Tk20?
No. What we have set up in D2L is a way to contact students with important information about deadlines, workshops, screening appointments, etc. We send messages through the D2L account as well as post resources for you, such as handouts and video links.
What if I don't get an email from Tk20 with my login information after purchasing my subscription?
As stated when purchasing your account, your Tk20 account will be activated within 2-3 business days. If you don't receive an email after this period, you should first check your Junk and/or Spam email folders for an email from Tk20. If you still have not received the information, contact or (570) 422-3033 and we can supply you with this information.
When are students first informed about the requirement to purchase Tk20?
Students are informed about Tk20 during PSED 150 and in every education course for the remainder of the classes in your major. If you are a transfer student, you are still required to purchase Tk20 during the beginning of your first semester at ESU.
Is Tk20 available on both Macs and PCs?
Tk20 is a web-based product that is accessible to both Mac and PC users. Tk20 can be accessed from anywhere. Tk20 was tested using the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari & Chrome. Using another Internet browser may result in unexpected results.
Is the system secure and confidential?
Yes, Tk20 is secure and confidential. No one will have access to your files except you, your instructors, and advisers.
I need a refund, what do I do?

Tk20 will offer refunds for student subscriptions as per the following policy:

To qualify for a refund your account must be completely unused.

  1. For accounts completely unused, and a refund is requested within 30 days of purchase: Full refund.
  2. For accounts completely unused, and a refund is requested between 31 days and 6 months of purchase: 50% refund.
  3. No refunds will be issued after six months of purchase under any condition.

If you feel that you are eligible for a refund, please contact Kathy Post at (570) 422-3109 or and discuss the situation with her. Kathy can contact Tk20 directly and initiate the refund process.

I have already logged into Tk20, but I forgot my password or it will not let me log in. Can you help me?
There is a "forgot your username or password?" link on ESU's Tk20 site. Click on that link to receive an email reminder. If that doesn't work, you can simply contact us at or (570) 422-3033 and we can reset your account for you. If you are getting an error message when logging in, a reset will allow you to create a new password for your account. Remember that passwords and usernames are case sensitive.
I am having trouble completing my assignment/ uploading files in Tk20.
Please refer to the Tk20 online tutorials for guidance. Visit the Tk20 log-in page and click on the Tutorials tab. This will take you to tutorials that cover common problems. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at or (570) 422-3033.
How do I locate any pending assignments from my professors?
Assignments will appear in the "Pending Tasks" area of your Home tab; they are indicated by a red flag to the left of each pending task. Optionally, you can find pending coursework by clicking on the Courses tab > click on the course number > Activities sub-tab. Many professors do not have you actually upload assignments into your account; rather they enter the grades themselves. So if you see an assignment on there that you are not sure about, just speak to your professor about it.
What do I do if one of my courses does not appear in Tk20 or if I see a course I didn't register for?
The Tk20 system is updated on a regular basis and if your course is not currently displayed it may appear in a few days. Please contact or (570) 422-3033 if you would like us to look into this further for you.
Is Tk20 replacing Moodle or D2L?
Tk20 is not replacing either of those applications. This is a separate system used by the College of Education in tracking what you do and where you are in the program as a whole.
Who do I contact if I have any other questions about Tk20?
Any other questions can be directed to or (570) 422-3033. Someone is available to help you in person if you need help with uploading assignments, requesting feedback for Dispositions, and any other needs you may have. We are located in Stroud Hall room 217, M-F from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

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