Professional Development Schools and ESU

In 1999 East Stroudsburg University began designing Professional Development School (PDS) partnerships with area K-12 schools and teacher education programs in Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Health and Physical Education. These PDS partnerships have grown and changed over the past fifteen years, but the core of our work is grounded in a joint Mission and Vision that reflect strong beliefs about teaching, learning, and current research on teacher education. Our work directly connects to the CAEP Standards and the National Association of Professional Development Schools Nine Essentials.

Based on a teaching hospital model, these partnerships have four functions:

  • Clinical preparation of new teachers
  • Professional development for all stakeholders
  • Inquiry and Practice-based research
  • Quality education for P-12 students

ESU Professional Development School Vision

Nationally recognized collaborative for excellence in teacher education that:

  • Models a climate of ongoing professional growth that educates, sustains, and renews all participants.
  • Encourages partners to share roles of learner and educator
  • Uses action research, inquiry and reflection about our practice to promote and affect authentic learning experiences.
  • Creates learning communities within the various layers of the partnership.
  • Uses reflective and deliberate decision making to benefit student and adult learning.

The PDS relationship between ESU and our partners in basic education demands a more collaborative, accountable, and comprehensive way of working and thinking about teaching and learning and valuing student success in the K-12 classroom and at the university.

These relationships foster

  • Collegiality and renewed vitality through dialogue and professional development
  • Critical and creative thinking about curriculum, teaching and student learning
  • Universal design and an inclusive approach to teaching and learning
  • In-depth clinical field experiences and service learning that contextualizes the complexity of classrooms, schools and community
  • Standards-based best practices and continuous inquiry into teaching practice
  • Co-teaching, differentiated, and integrated learning models to ensure student success

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For more information about professional development schools, please contact the department secretary at (570) 422-3471

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