The nature and importance of teaching requires that students who seek to enter the profession possess impeccable character, above average academic ability, and personality traits suitable for working with young people.

As per PA Act 168, students in an educator preparation program must be formally admitted prior to taking upper-level coursework. At ESU this is referred to as Teacher Education Council (TEC) Approval.

Education majors who have completed a minimum of 48 credits of coursework, may apply for formal admission through a digital and student-driven application process located in Tk20. Prior to applying, education majors should consult with their adviser to ensure that all items needed for formal admission are complete.

Program Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Students

  • Evidence basic skills proficiency: This can be accomplished in a variety of ways - showcased through proficient SAT/ACT scores, ESU or Northampton Community College alternate coursework with a final grade of B or better, or satisfactorily passing the ETS Core assessment (See Basic Skills Worksheet to identify requirements in each area)
    • SAT Score Report example - Test scores are verified through a PDF copy of the unofficial score report which is downloaded by the student from the College Board or ETS website.
  • Academic Ability: Earn a minimum overall undergraduate QPA as determined by Pennsylvania law (per department requirements; transfer students’ grades may be included in averaging the QPA – request QPA reconfiguration)
  • Complete 6 credits of mathematics courses and 6 credits of English courses (including one composition and one literature) as outlined by Chapter 354 of the Pennsylvania School Code.
  • Complete a minimum of 48 credit hours
  • Infraction-free Clearances: Complete Act 34 (Criminal Background Clearance), Act 151 (Child Abuse Clearance) and FBI Background Clearance. All clearances must be free of violations. If a candidate has a violation, he/she must successfully appeal for admission via the College of Education’s Appeals Process through the Office of Field Experiences.
  • Purchase TK20
  • Complete Disposition Self-Assessment within Tk20

Program Admission Criteria for Graduate Students

  • All requirements are the same as the undergraduate except the basic skills competencies. A graduate student's undergraduate degree serves as their Basic Skills proficiency.

Teacher Education Council (TEC) Approval Process

  • Steps to completing and submitting your TEC Approval application online:

*For basic application process questions, please visit the TEC Approval Application How-To document. This resource will walk you through all steps of the application process and provides video tutorials of the process.

*TEC Approval Applications undergo a two-step review process. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis but reviewed only one time per month. TEC applications for approval are due by the first Thursday of each month. If you have submitted evidences successfully, your application will be formally presented at the monthly TEC Meeting, which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. You will receive notification if you are missing anything from your application or if your application has been approved. If necessary, you may re-submit your application the following month. You must be TEC Approved in order to register for upper level courses.

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