kids and teacher a picnic table writingThe Pocono Writing Project is a branch of the National Writing Project and professional program with the goal to provide authentic and engaging opportunities for educators to reflect upon their own ways of teaching using writing.

The program strives to provide mindful ways to bring educators best selves into the classroom through the exploration of their own writing and ways to allow students to see the same thins in themselves.

The Pocono writing Project offers a variety of teacher resources and opportunities using writing.

Please use the links below to navigate to our Teaching Writing naturally Course, Writing-ly lessons, and National Writing Project page which was designed for teachers to get reacquainted in nature with reflective practices.

Our lessons are guidelines on how to begin bringing students out into the natural world around us during class time and how to get students to use their five senses to be more present in the world around them while also diving into specific content. Use the National Writing Project to find out more information on our mission.

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Our goal as the Pocono Writing Project is to provide opportunity for educator and student growth through writing and reflective practices.

Everyone can become an engaged learner.

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Department Chair, Professional & Secondary Education
Beth Sockman
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