PDS Schedule

ESU students spend two semesters in their PDS experience. During Primary I, students work in the classroom with their mentor teacher and take classes on ESU's campus several days each week. The next semester, Primary II students return to the same school for two consecutive days in a PDS classroom each week working alongside another master teacher. The building liaisons provide professional development every other week after school at PDS sites to situate your professional development in a learning community.

You also spend two days a week in class at ESU. The days you are at ESU and the days you are in the field are determined by cohort assignment.

Other opportunities during the semesters include:

  • Two week orientation to the semester and curriculum areas prior to going out to your PDS classroom.
  • Various Professional Development opportunities provided throughout the semester (Primary II).
  • Service Learning opportunities determined at each PDS site and within courses (Primary II).

Why Become a PDS Partner?

A PDS school is a school where everyone is a learner. It is an important clinical experience that connects teacher education and the world of best practice.

A PDS school has the benefit of an extra pair of hands and eyes in the classroom on a regular basis working with the teacher to improve student achievement.

It is a year and a half-long experience from the Primary I semester in a PDS cohort continuing through student teaching in the same learning community.

The PDS experience creates a new culture where everyone teaches and learns.

If you are interested in participating with the PDS program at East Stroudsburg University, please feel free to call the Office of Field Experiences and Partnerships at (570) 422-3413.

ESU Early Childhood Education, Middle-Level Education, and Special Education PDS Partners -2020-2021

Bethlehem Area School District
  • Donegan - Principal: Erin Martin-Medina; Liaison: Sophia Kiniropoulos
  • Governor Wolf - Principal: Rick Amato; Liaison: Stacey Leon
  • Lincoln - Principal: Daniel Garcia; Liaison: Jessenia Roman
Delaware Valley School District
East Stroudsburg School District
Nazareth Area School District
Pleasant Valley School District
Pocono Mountain School District
  • Swiftwater Elementary - Principals: L. Haynes (grades K and grades 1), Krislin R. Ofalt (grades 2 and grades 3); Liason: Kate Lesoine
Stroudsburg School District
  • Arlington - Principal: Elise Hanna; Liaison: Casey Paone
  • B.F. Morey - Principal: Cynthia Gehm; Liaison: - Kristie Intravaia, Jennifer Duffy
  • Chipperfield Elementary - Principal: Amanda Mast; Liason: Tiffany Maronpot
  • Hamilton - Principal: Karen Houck; Liaison: Lacey Skodocek

Contact Us

For more information about professional development schools, please contact the department secretary at (570) 422-3471

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall 214
(570) 422-3471
(570) 422-3650 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Director Field Experience and Partnership
Jaclyn L. Kessel
(570) 422-3413