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ESU's College of Education uses Tk20 Campus Tools/HigherED as a comprehensive online data management system for all student activities related to teacher or administrator certification and CAEP accreditation.

All education students are required to subscribe to Tk20 to complete course assignments and to facilitate evaluations for courses, field experiences, student teaching and administrative internships.

Tk20 tools provide direct assistance in meeting standards for accreditation mandated by CAEP.

Tk20 enables students to participate and manage their academic activities throughout their college experience.

This system allows student to:

  • Create and submit key assignments online.
  • Facilitate collaborative evaluations online between instructors, field mentors and students.
  • Create electronic portfolios documenting course work.
  • Keep records of field experience work and experience with student teaching/clinical practice (field assignments, field experience, student teaching, clinical practice and internships).
  • Submit forms online, including applications for student teaching and other field experiences for teacher certification.