The following is how you can apply for housing, once the application has been readied. You will be prompted to apply via your ESU email account.

  1. Go to myESU and Log into the ESU student portal. Chose the tab that reads “Students” near the top.
  2. Scroll down the left side of the page and find the “Housing and Dining Self-Service” link listed under “Residence Life and Housing Tools.”
  3. Click the menu icon and choose the “Fall 2021 Continuing Student Application for Room Selection.”
  4. Read and electronically accept the Housing Contract terms by signing in the text box.
  5. Answer the mandatory questions.
  6. Be sure to continue to the very end of the application. You should see a thank you message when done.
  7. To select a roommate click the menu icon and click on “Room/Roommate Selection." The roommate group can be added to or changed at any time leading up to Room Selection week, or even during Room Selection week. Students do not need a roommate if you they are choosing a single room but may match with up to three when selecting an entire suite or apartment that holds four students.

Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to review this information and consider ESU housing for Fall 2021 and beyond. We look forward to serving our ESU students and assuring parents and families that we are providing the safest, convenient and most affordable options so all Warriors are able to make the MOST of their college experience.

Contact Us

The Residential and Dining Services department is our central office. We are open normal business hours in Hemlock Suites, but in case of an emergency, please contact University Police at (570) 422-3064.

Hours of Operation

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed for federal holidays

Contact Information

Campus Address
Hemlock Suites, South Wing
(570) 422-3460
(570) 422-3952 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Director, Residential & Dining Services
Curtis Dugar