Technical Standards for Admission to the Athletic Training Professional Practice Program

Candidates in the Professional Practice Athletic Training Program at East Stroudsburg University must possess the necessary intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and communication skills to provide safe and effective athletic training services. The Athletic Training Program has established Technical standards for students interested in pursuing a career in athletic training. In addition to specific academic criteria, these Technical Standards are considered necessary for students engaged in all phases of the Athletic Training Program at East Stroudsburg University.

Admission of Freshman and Transfers

Freshman and Transfer students are admitted to East Stroudsburg University in the pre-professional Athletic Training Major. The pre-professional phase of study represents a time (generally three semesters) during which the student must address the prerequisites to the professional phase. Screening into the professional phase of the ATEP at East Stroudsburg University is competitive among eligible candidates. A profile of the typical student who is admitted to the professional phase of the major and ESU and who is successful in becoming a certified athletic trainer would include SAT scores of 1000 or above, a class rank in the top one third, an outgoing personality, a solid work ethic, good "people" skills, and a sincere interest in sports and in athletes.

Transfers: Applicants with a 2.5 quality point average will be considered for admission. Transfer students must complete all prerequisite coursework and satisfactorily complete all other prerequisites for admission to the program. Transfers should schedule an interview with the Director of the ATEP as soon as possible after receiving notification of admission to the University.

Formal screening into the professional phase of the Athletic Training Major is contingent upon the pre-professional student meeting the following standards and completing the following prerequisites.

Standards For Progression to the Professional Phase of the Athletic Training Major

  1. Minimum Overall GPA = 2.50; Major GPA = 3.00
  2. Meet Program’s Technical Standards
  3. C+ or above in all Athletic Training Pre-Professional course work (ATEP 100, 202, 230, 235 and 285)
  4. A grade of "C" or above is required in all Athletic Training, "Cognate" and "Directed General Education" course work
  5. Completion of Professional Phase screening packet and all clearances
  6. Advanced First Aid or EMT-B Certification prior to professional phase screening
  7. Professional Phase Endorsement as indicated by appropriate signatures on the student's Athletic Training Department Plan of Study
  8. Interview with the Athletic Training Department Admissions, Progression and Graduation Committee (APG)
  9. Concurrent enrollment in clinical field experiences (ATEP 487/488/489/490) once screened into the professional phase
  10. Reliable transportation once screened into the professional phase
  11. Additional costs for clinical experience travel, uniforms, and athletic training equipment (see associated “Associated ATP Fees” link)

Limited Enrollment Policy

The number of students in the Professional Practice Athletic Training Program is determined by the number of quality clinical placement opportunities for students. Subsequent to their application, students will be ranked and selected for admission to the ATP Professional Phase based upon:

  • Satisfactory performance (70% or higher) on the Sophomore Assessment Plan
    • Sophomore Competency Assessment
    • Sophomore Skills Assessment
  • Overall Quality Point Average: Scale 6-1 (4.00-3.75=6; 3.74-3.5=5; 3.49-3.25=4; 3.24-3.00=3; 2.99-2.75=2; 2.74-2.50=1)
  • Major Quality Point Average: Scale 4-1 (4.00-3.75=4; 3.74-3.50=3; 3.49-3.25=2; 3.24-3.00=1)
  • Recommendation of Faculty and a Clinical Preceptors: Scale 5-1
  • Admissions, Progression and Graduation Committee interview: Scale 5-1

A minimum score of "8" points is required for screening into the Professional Phase of the ATP. In the event that there are more qualified students then available clinical sites or there are ties that must be broken, Sophomore Assessment Plan will determine placement status.

Retention Standards: Professional Practice Program

Failure to maintain the aforementioned standards or failure to demonstrate appropriate professional skills and conduct in any clinical experience is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. The Program regularly updates standards and academic expectations. Students should review all academic and clinical standards with their academic adviser on a regular basis.

Students participating in intercollegiate athletics at East Stroudsburg University should, in concert with their academic adviser, plan a course of study that includes a minimum of one additional semester of academic and/or clinical education.

Associated ATP Fees

Additional costs for clinical experience travel, uniforms, and athletic training equipment, as well as other related costs within academic plan of study.

*Annual Renewal Required

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