The Graduate Professional Practice (PPP) - Master of Science degree in Athletic Training is to enable the post-baccalaureate student the opportunity to demonstrate entry-level competency as an athletic trainer while exhibiting scholarship and competency among specific areas in the health care community.


The mission of the Professional Practice Program is to prepare graduate students as competent entry-level athletic trainers and scholarly practitioners in the athletic training profession. Furthermore, a student-focused learning environment that offers educational challenges and unique clinical opportunities are afforded to the future athletic trainer.

Outcome expectations of students and degree completion

Upon completion of the didactic and clinical requirements of the Athletic Training Program, the student will:

  • Demonstrate a sound evidence-based approach/understanding to (1) injury prevention and health promotion, (2) psychosocial strategies and (3) healthcare administration principles for best practice.
  • Demonstrate a sound evidence-based approach/understanding to (1) orthopedic clinical examination and diagnosis, (2) acute care of injuries and illnesses, and (3) therapeutic interventions for best practice.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional and ethical behavior in relation to the NATA Code of Ethics, BOC® Standards of Professional Practice and state regulations and statutes.
  • Demonstrate, through a variety of clinical education experiences, athletic training knowledge, skills and clinical abilities that progress the student towards autonomous practice.
  • Complete the eligibility requirements for the Board of Certification (BOC®) for Athletic Trainers.
  • Demonstrate preparedness to become competent, marketable and highly effective health care providers who practice in the athletic training profession.

A primary outcome of the Professional Practice Program is to prepare the student to challenge credentialing as an athletic trainer through the Board of Certification (BOC®) and appropriate state regulatory bodies.

Accreditation Status

CAATE LogoThe ESU Athletic Training – Professional Practice Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education through the academic year 2029-2030.

An added measure of program effectiveness are Board of Certification (BOC®) exam results, as well as our program retention, graduation, and employment placement rates.

You can review the CAATE Program Information and Outcomes for ESU's Graduate Athletic Training program.

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