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Learning Outcomes

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Undergraduate: BS in Athletic Training - Professional Practice Program – Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a sound evidence-based approach/understanding to (1) injury prevention and health promotion, (2) psychosocial strategies and (3) healthcare administration principles for best practice.
  • Demonstrate a sound evidence-based approach/understanding to (1) orthopedic clinical examination and diagnosis, (2) acute care of injuries and illnesses, and (3) therapeutic interventions for best practice.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional and ethical behavior in relation to the NATA Code of Ethics, BOC® Standards of Professional Practice and state regulations and statutes
  • Demonstrate, through a variety of clinical education experiences, athletic training knowledge, skills and clinical abilities that progresses the student towards autonomous practice.
  • Complete the eligibility requirements for the Board of Certification (BOC®) for Athletic Trainers.
  • Demonstrate preparedness to become competent, marketable and highly effective health care providers who practice in the athletic training profession.