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Center for Computer Security and Information Assurance

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The ESU Center for Computer Security and Information Assurance (CCSIA) is part of the ESU Division of Academic Affairs, housed in the Computer Science Department.

This center has recently merged with the ESU Cyber Security Research Center.


CCSIA is dedicated to the promotion of education, research, training, awareness, and literacy in computer security and information assurance (IA) which deal with all aspects of creating a trusted environment for information processing.

The Center advances:

  • IA education on the K-12, community college, and university Bachelor’s and Master’s level;
  • IA research by faculty, students, and in faculty-student partnerships;
  • IA training for industry professionals; and,
  • IA awareness and literacy for all individuals through education and training.

The Center’s mission also includes assistance for students with regard to career placement and career growth in IA, as well as commercialization of IA solutions.