The main reasons students don't graduate when they hope to — and how to help:

  1. Student doesn't achieve the state-mandated 120 credits by the intended graduation date.Demonstrate to student how MyESU counts credits so that the student can keep track.
  2. Student doesn’t fulfill the General Education core, breadth, and cognate requirements. Go over the GE requirements. Show how Degree Works tracks student progress. Remind the student to check where classes are being categorized each time the student registers for a class.
  3. Student does not take courses in the proper sequence. Use your program's four-year plan to identify the correct sequence; explain the rotation of courses; know the common bottlenecks or high-demand classes; show the student where he or she can see a class's prerequisites; help prepare the student to take needed classes so no need for a class last-minute; explain options if the student is unable to schedule a needed class.

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