Good Advising is Important

Students may create strong bonds with you as a teacher and researcher, but only through advising will you be able to form a relationship that lasts a student’s full career at ESU. A student’s potential for success — doing well in classes, moving through a program smoothly, graduating on time — is dramatically increased if the student can develop a solid interpersonal relationship with you as an advisor.

Advising Timeline: What should you do when?

The Faculty/Advisor Timeline lets you know what to do when, from the beginning of the semester to planning for the next.

Advising Tips

Appointments with your advisees provide opportunities to learn about them, help with concerns, guide their course choices, and help them transition into and out of the university. Advising Tips provides information about running good advising meetings.

Student Athletes & Other Special Populations

Special considerations apply to specific populations of ESU students.

Legal Responsibilities

Your Legal Responsibilities as Advisor include FERPA requirements, Title IX Reporting and Crisis Response.

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If you have any questions about these programs and initiatives, please contact the Provost's Office.

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