Guidelines for Application for Tenure

The tenure Candidate’s dossier summarizes the evidence presented to substantiate the candidate’s case for tenure. The dossier contains both quantitative and qualitative kinds of data concerning the Candidate’s total contribution to his/her own professional development and performance on the job during the probationary period of employment, at ESU. The probationary period of employment and the related evaluation, retention, and renewal of Probationers is prescribed in the Agreement: Articles XV (Tenure), XII (Performance Review and Evaluation of Faculty), and XIV (Renewals and Non-Renewals).

The Guidelines for Application for Tenure explain the procedures of application for tenure, the review process for tenure, and documents which are associated with an application for tenure at East Stroudsburg University.

This document has been approved, by faculty vote, for use by all Probationary faculty in the application for Tenure.

The Guidelines For Application For Tenure at East Stroudsburg University may be accessed through the following link: Guidelines For Application For Tenure

Promotion Policies and Procedures

The promotion policies and procedures at East Stroudsburg University contribute to academic excellence by commending outstanding professional performance.

Promotion at East Stroudsburg University occurs as a function of the judgment of designated peers about the quality of the performance of a candidate for promotion. The academic promotion process must go beyond considerations of either longevity or minimal statutory requirements. Promotion should indicate that a Faculty Member is performing his or her work in a professional manner that is considered outstanding and worthy of commendation. Promotion is recognition of excellence, not a contractual right. An equitable and widely understood promotion policy helps ensure that considerations of academic quality will be the basis for all academic personnel decisions, and bolsters faculty morale.

The promotion policies and procedures outline dates, basis for promotion, responsibilities, recommendation, review, grievance, and other important information.

The Promotion Policies and Procedures at East Stroudsburg University may be accessed through the following link: Promotion Policies and Procedures

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