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Planning for Make-Up of Lost Instructional Time as a Result of University Closures

Consistent with East Stroudsburg University’s Strategic Plan: Students First: Empowering Innovation through Collaboration and our regional accreditation requirements for credit hour compliance, the ESU’s faculty and administration remain steadfastly committed to student success and our ability to work together to meet our students’ needs. From time to time, ESU makes the administrative decision to close due to unforeseen circumstances such as snow/ice storms, hurricanes, or state/national emergencies. In the event of a university-declared closure, the following guidance is provided for planning and decision- making as it relates to the academic functions of the university, in particular the loss of instructional time due to campus closures.

To guide this procedure, ESU’s Assignment of Semester Credit Hour Policy and Procedural Compliance, approved by UWCC on February 25, 2016, can be reviewed here: Credit Hour Policy. It defines ESU’s compliance with credit-hour mandates levied by the U.S. Department of Education, The Pennsylvania State Board of Education, and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Teaching, research, and instruction are the primary activities and responsibilities of the University, and are most susceptible to interruption due to a campus closure. Hence, it is reasonable to conclude that any time missed due to university closure would benefit from pre-planning or contingency planning.

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