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SITE (Scholarship, Innovation, Teaching, and Entrepreneurship) encompasses 3 cross-disciplinary spaces that consolidate the efforts of all ESU constituents to make scholarship, innovation, teaching, application of new technology, and entrepreneurship easier, more efficient, and cost-effective.

SITE incorporates three unique physical spaces (Stroud #404, #405, and #107) and a web-based center that answers the faculty questions of ”How do I. . .?” and “What if. . .?” SITE’s main mission is to harness the power of collaboration and creativity in a concerted effort to facilitate all campus initiatives, big and small.

ESU sought to reimagine teaching, scholarship, and learning by engaging faculty, students, staff, and the larger community in the dynamic exchange of innovative ideas and ways to advance Scholarship, Innovation, Teaching and Entrepreneurship through cross-disciplinary interactions. To accomplish these goals, a faculty fellow is appointed to contribute to SITE activities and develop projects that will strengthen and sustain LINKS among faculty expertise and the university community. The fellow holds the position for one year and has the option to apply for an extension upon year-end.

SITE Fellow

The very first SITE Faculty Fellowship was awarded to Professor Darlene Farris-LaBar, Art + Design in the fall of 2017. Professor LaBar and Graduate Student Worker, Cleo Niewojt, are busy bringing the campus community together for events and strategizing ways to further support Scholarship, Innovation, Teaching, and Entrepreneurship at ESU.

For reference, the SITE Faculty Fellowship Application is available for review and includes criteria and expectations of the role.

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