The Political Science curriculum comprises the systematic study of the theory and practice of politics at various levels – domestic, foreign, and international.

Depending on their interests, undergraduates can focus on questions of a theoretical nature, the role and performance of political institutions and political systems, or the behavior of individuals and groups.

Our Political Science degree prepares students to work in both the public and private sectors.

Many majors also use this preparation as a basis for further study in graduate school or law school.

Bachelor of Arts with a Political Science major

Students may choose between four concentrations:

  • American Government – Gaining an understanding of American political institutions, political engagement, and local, state, and federal political processes is the main goal of this concentration. The skills that students will acquire will prepare them for careers in business, government, policy, civil society, and graduate and professional education.
  • Public Administration – Students in this program may pursue careers in government management, city planning, government agency work, government service industry work, or non-profit work in the formulation, analysis, and implementation of policies. Additionally, this could help students get ready for graduate-level work in public administration master's programs.
  • International Relations – The relationships between states and other governmental and nongovernmental entities will be studied by students pursuing the concentration in international politics. Additionally, the study of international relations frequently revolves around foreign policy and conflict.
  • Pre Law – In order to prepare students for advanced study in law school and other law-related programs, as well as to succeed in related jobs and professions, the Pre law concentration gives Political Science majors enough breadth and depth of knowledge in American law and legal institutions.

Career Opportunities

Students must also be aware of the University-wide requirements

The department does not accept transfer credit in upper division coursework (i.e., 300 or 400 level courses) for political science courses completed at community colleges, junior colleges, trade schools, etc.

Note: Students majoring in Political Science may not accumulate more than 15 credit hours, total, of internship credit toward graduation.

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