About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics provides students with the opportunity to obtain a foundation in traditional economic theory and real life applications that are the basis for analytical thinking and sound managerial decision making.

Economics students may choose to specialize in any one of three areas:

  • General Economics: General economics concentration gives students the flexibility to choose courses that suit their specific interest including courses from other economic concentrations as well as related disciplines. 
  • Global Economics: Global economics concentration helps students understand the economic framework that governs the international trade and finance, explains how different economic systems impact the growth, and development of nations and the international laws regulating global economic relations.
  • Financial Economics: Financial economics concentration allows students to understand the economic foundation underlying the financial market structure, function and the regulatory framework of the US financial system dealing with commercial and investment banking, various financial markets and insurance.

With its focus on economic theory, analytical rigor and strong research skills, the Economics degree program at ESU prepares students for careers in management, finance and administration in business and the public sector. Students who enter the work force report that they are involved in successful careers at greater than average starting salaries.

Students majoring in Economics are also well-prepared for higher education in business, economics, public administration, banking and law. Graduates who apply to prestigious MBA, law and graduate schools have found that the analytical skills inherent in the economics program are sought after and respected by the best graduate schools.

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