Accelerated Pathway: Political Science students may complete an accelerated pathway through the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science to Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science, or the Master of Science (MS) in Management and Leadership-Public Administration.

This accelerated pathway allows qualified undergraduate students to take up to twelve (12) graduate credits of coursework that will apply to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

To qualify for the Political Science accelerated pathway a student must have earned at least sixty (60) undergraduate credits and have an overall GPA of 3.30.

Students will need to obtain the approval of the Political Science Department Chair and the political science or MML-PA graduate program coordinator to participate in the accelerated pathway.

Students in the accelerated pathway can take no more than three (3) graduate credits per semester.

While all political science graduate courses are open to students in the accelerated program, completion of the undergraduate research methods course (POLS 317 Exploring Politics: Methods and Techniques) or a similar undergraduate research methods course, is required to enroll in POLS 570 Introduction to Research: Scope and Methods.

Students in the accelerated pathway must meet with both their undergraduate advisor and the graduate coordinator prior to enrolling in the graduate course.

Additional Requirement: A student must have obtained a grade of “B” or higher in the graduate course in order for it to count towards the graduate degree program, while a grade of “C” or higher is necessary in order for it to count towards the undergraduate degree program.

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