Use of Public Funds

East Stroudsburg University is a public institution. As such, once grant funds are received by the university, regardless of whether federal, private or corporate funds, those monies are considered public and must comply with Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education Policy 2010-01-A, Expenditure of Public Funds. It is highly recommended that every Primary Investigator familiarize him/herself with this policy at the beginning of the grant.

  • Read these top ten tips for correct use of public funds
  • Browse a presentation that explains this policy in more practical terms

Alternate-Additional Work Assignment (AWA)

This procedure has been developed to ensure that Alternative Work Assignments, both release time and course overload, are correctly accounted for when they are grant funded, and that they are submitted in a timely manner so as to help with overall College planning.

When a faculty member applies for a grant, whether external or internal, and they have budgeted in for a course release, the applying faculty member must include the AWA form at the time the grant is submitted for internal review. The form must be signed by the PI, any other person on the grant asking for release time, and the appropriate chair and dean. A short justification for the request also needs to be included.

For multi-year grants, PIs can fill in the AWA for the full length of the project.

If the grant is funded, then the OSPR will fill in the cost center created once a contract is finalized, and forward the form to the Provost for signature, who will then forward to the President.


  • The AWA request form is due in the Provost’s Office no later than April 15 for Fall or entire academic year, and no later than October 1 for Spring.
  • AWA requests for NEW funded awards (i.e. Grant Funded, Self Supporting, etc.) can be submitted at any time during the year. AWA requests for SUMMER are due in the Provost’s Office no later than April 15.
  • All other requests made after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Conflict of Interest

State System employees are individuals who are public officials or public employees under the Public Official and Public Employee Ethics Act. The Ethics Act prohibits a public official or employee from taking action that would result in a financial conflict of interest.

The State System Conflict of Interest Policy requires disclosure of activities, financial arrangements, and income that potentially conflict with the objective conduct of research or give the appearance of creating a conflict.

Anyone applying for an external grant or cooperative agreement must comply with the State System FCOI policy.

Federally Negotiated Indirect Rate

ESU has a federally negotiated rate with the government to allow for inclusion of indirect costs in the grant budgets which are made up of a specific percentage of specific line items. The OSPR staff will help assist in preparing this for budget development. Review the agreement.

Indirect Rate Procedure

Once a grant is received, indirect funds are distributed according to ESU's indirect procedure, in effect as of July 1, 2016.

Compensation Policy

This policy, updated in January 2018, covers all State System University faculty members and other State System employees who perform research, educational services or other activities covered by a sponsored agreement.

Use of Human and Animal Subjects

The OSPR assists ESU’s research community with conducting, administering, and facilitating research in compliance with federal and university policies and procedures regarding the use of human and animal subjects.

Pre & Post Award

For procedures regarding ESU's pre and post award process, procedures for procurement of goods and services for grants, and compensation and reimbursement policy and information, please review the OSPR's Quick Reference Guide.

Subaward Contracts

For guidance on monitoring subaward agreements with external organizations, review the State System Subrecipient Managing and Monitoring standards and procedures.

Grant Related Travel

Grant-related travel follows ESU policy. Please familiarize yourself with ESU's Travel Policies & Procedures.

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