How do I schedule my exam?
To register for your exam please visit the testing agency’s website for the exam that you would like to take.
How do I schedule my CLEP exam?
To register for your exam please visit the testing agency’s website for the exam that you would like to take. Once you have registered for the CLEP exam contact the Testing Coordinator to set up your appointment.
Which exam am I required to take?
Please consult with your academic adviser or supervisor to discuss which exam is required. CLEP candidates please consult with your university or school to confirm exams that are accepted as credits.
How much does my exam cost?
  • Registration fees can be found on the testing agency’s website.
  • CLEP - Each exam costs $85. There is an additional $25 testing fee that you pay via a check or money order, payable to East Stroudsburg University, on the day of your exam.
How can I prepare for my exam?

Each testing agency’s website has resources listed on how to prepare for their exam.

What if I need accommodations for the exam?
If you need testing accommodations please follow the instructions for requesting accommodations when you register for your exam. Each testing agency has specific directions on how to request accommodations.
When will I receive my scores?
You will receive your official scores from the testing agency you registered with. Please check the testing agency’s website for specific time frames regarding exam results. CLEP candidates will receive a print out of test scores upon completion of the exam.
How soon can I retake the exam?
If you did not pass the exam you completed please check the testing agency’s website for information regarding registering for another testing session.
What days and times are tests offered?
Professional Testing Center is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. GED and Pearson VUE tests can begin as early as 9am and Praxis testing begins at 9:30am. CLEP begins at 2pm by appointment.
How early before my test should I arrive?

Candidates should plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to their testing start time.

What should I bring with me on testing day?
Candidates should bring a government issued photo ID, such as a state issued driver’s license or US passport. Candidates should try to keep personal belongings in their car or at home. Space is provided to store personal items while testing is in session. Cell phone use, eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the testing room. CLEP candidates should bring their exam registration ticket, government issued photo ID, and a $25 check or money order made out to East Stroudsburg University.
Are calculators allowed?
Please refer to the testing agency instructions for details.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule my test?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your test appointment please refer to the testing agency’s website that you registered with.
Where is the Professional Testing Center located?
The testing center is located at ESU’s Innovation Center. The address for the Innovation Center is 562 Independence Road, East Stroudsburg, PA. There is parking located at the Innovation Center. The testing center is located on the first floor of the Innovation Center in Computer Lab 153. When you enter the lobby of the Innovation Center, Computer Lab 153 is located on your right.
What if there is inclement weather?
If there is inclement weather please check the ESU website for site delays/closures. If the site has a scheduled delay/closure, your testing agency will be notified by ESU’s site administrators. Should you need to reschedule your exam, please contact the testing agency.
Is the Testing Center only for ESU students?
The testing center allows students, faculty, staff and community members to register and complete exams.
Who can I contact if I have further questions?
If you have additional questions you may contact Mary Frances Postupack, Vice President, Economic Development & Entrepreneurship at, or (570) 422-7920.

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If the you have additional questions, please contact Mary Frances Postupack

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