Our mission of the Communications Services is to serve the university community by supporting wired and wireless telecommunication services in order to: facilitate and enrich the learning process, furnish a comprehensive operational telecommunication system, and provide telecommunications systems that facilitate administration functions.

Telecommunications is one of ESU's primary resources to facilitate a communications link to campus community and off-campus users within Pennsylvania and worldwide.

Telephone Service

Please make note that the phone system requires the following changes from past practice:

  • Extension 6211 - Voicemail - The main number to access your ESU voicemail has now changed from extension 3211 to extension 6211. The new number for remote access to your voicemail is now (570) 422-6211.
  • Accessing a Different Voicemail Box - To access a different/shared voicemail box, dial extension 6211 - press* and then #. The prompt will ask for the mailbox number to be entered (PLEASE NOTE: this procedure has not changed.)
  • Local Dialing - The access code for local dialing or to dial ANYWHERE within the 570 area code, is now 9 (570) xxx-xxxx. PLEASE NOTE: You must dial the area code (570) for ALL local calls!
  • Toll-Free Dialing - The access code for all toll-free dialing is now 9 -1- (area code) xxx-xxxx.
  • Long Distance - The access code for long distance dialing is 9 -1- (area code) xxx-xxxx. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new phone system or need clarification regarding any of the services, please call the Computing Center at ext. 3605. Thank you for your patience and support.

Below are the links to the phone manuals/Quick Reference files for the phones distributed across campus.

Contact Us

ESU's Computing & Communication Services administers and provides support for banner, computer labs, networks, telephones and voice-mail. Computing & Communication Services also provides help desk support at x3789.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Computing Center
(570) 422-3324
(570) 422-3400 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Communications Administrator
Beverley Brown
(570) 422-3730