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New students:

Please access the accepted student page for information on your login id, and the creation of your password, as well as a number of other tasks for new students.

Current creation of your id is typically the first letter of your first name, your last name, and maybe a number in cases where the last name is common [Hernandez, Smith, etc.].

  • Once created, a student id / password allows access to:
    • myESU, also called the “portal”, is an essential link into a student's academic persona on campus. It allows bill payment [financial connections], Financial Aid, grades information [academic information], dorm billing, meal plan billing, as well as important connections to events and programs on / for campus [housing information, meal plan information, Orientation, etc.].
    • All public lab pcs on campus. See note below [where are the computer labs?] for more information.
    • Access to the main campus WiFi network [ESUWiFi] from a laptop is via your id and password off of a prompted login when you access the Internet through a browser [Firefox, chrome, safari, Internet Explorer, etc.]
    • The residence life network [dormitory] WiFi network [ResNet, again laptop access is via browser access], and all of the residence hall computer labs [whether a student lives on campus or not, all students have access to this network], this network requires other criteria for student device access - see link: residence life network for registration and access on ResNet for student pcs [see below “Connecting to the Internet in my dorm?”].
    • D2L login and access. D2L is used by most professors in their classes for assignments [due dates, drop boxes, etc], lectures and notes, media presentations, and other classroom work, as well as remote classroom access. A student needs to be registered for current [this semester] classes to go anywhere involving classes, but a student id and password alone should allow login to more or less a blank standard D2L screen [if you want to test that it works].
    • Phones [apple IOS & android], tablets, laptops, and other device [TVs, games, etc.] connections are available on ResNet. Login is prompted through browser access to the Internet.
    • Phones and tablets can be connected to the main campus network [ESU WiFi] via student id and password, on the main campus. Login is prompted through browser access to the Internet. For email setup see Email on your phone on the left hand side of this screen.

**1 note: The welcome page requires student number and birth day, which gives the ability to create a password. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: student numbers are on e-cards with the student name. Please keep track of you identity.

ESU wifi exists on / in:

  • the lower academic campus: [Stroud Hall, DeNike, the Computing Center, the student center, the Science and Tech center, Moore Biology Building, Dansbury commons, Monroe, Abeloff, Beers Lecture Hall, Reibman admin building, etc.
  • The upper academic campus: the Library, Koehler Field house, the Fine Arts center, the Alumni Center, Mattioli rec center, etc.
  • There are all those houses that have departments / academic support / student organizations in them on Normal street and Smith street: they have [access points and] ESU WiFi. ESU WiFi is not in the dorms.
  • There are some poor performing ESU WiFi areas, please call the help desk to resolve any problems.

Resnet [wifi] exists in the dorms [Hemlock, Hawthorne, Minsi, Lenape, Sycamore, etc. ]

Before accessing the Internet through the dorm network [ResNet], computers will be scanned for up-to-date antivirus software and the latest Windows, OS X [apple], or Linux [many different versions] updates. Failure to have updates installed will delay access to the Internet. Students must have a valid ESU account in order to start the process. After completion students will be able to register gaming consoles and other devices that are WiFi capable. All Residence Halls have wireless access. If problems persist contact the ResNet Help Desk at ext. 3789. See ResNet for More information.

Effectively: If a student is in a building on the ESU campus, WiFi [of some type] should be available.

Where are the computer labs?

See computer labs for a full list of labs and hours of operation.

How do I log onto a computer on campus?

Once a student activates their account online from home or on Campus (ie. the Academic Computing office), they should be able to log onto any lab computer on campus. Enter student username, password, and make sure the domain is set to "STUDENT".

What if I need help with Desire2Learn?

Contact Dave Barnes (ext. 3435)

I don't remember my password for (Email,E-Time, Moodle, Desire2Learn)/How do I activate my Account:

Change Email Password. You will need your E-Card.

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Helpdesk is open for drop-in visits, or you can get help by calling (570) 422-3789 or emailing

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