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SITE Faculty Fellowship

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I’m excited to introduce an exciting opportunity for the 2017-2018 academic year: The SITE Faculty Fellowship.

SITE encompasses 3 cross-disciplinary spaces that consolidates the efforts of all ESU constituents to make scholarship, innovation, teaching, application of new technology, and entrepreneurship easier, more efficient, and cost-effective. SITE will incorporate three unique physical spaces (Stroud #404, #405, and #107) and a web-based center that answers the faculty questions of ”How do I. . .?” and “What if. . .?” SITE’s main mission is to harness the power of collaboration and creativity in a concerted effort to facilitate all campus initiatives, big and small.

The Faculty Fellow will be responsible for connecting various groups to SITE, as well as supporting SITE initiatives through leading communication and collaboration efforts – the fellowship application is attached.

Further, the fellow will receive the support of a 20 hrs/week GSW and will work with the Assistant to the Provost (who will be dedicated 25% to supporting SITE). Luis Vidal and Kelly O’Donnell will also provide technical support.

The deadline for this application is June 9, 2017. Please submit to

Thank you,