Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • Students will demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of the four subfields of political science: American Government and Public Administration, Political Theory, Comparative Government, and International Relations.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to conduct political science research involving the development of research questions, gathering and collecting data, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and presenting the results in a logical and professional manner. Students will demonstrate an ability to critically think about political science/public administration issues.
  • Students will demonstrate a knowledge of the professional competencies necessary for public or non-profit service locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively through their written work. Students will be prepared to pursue public or non-profit sector work, and/or graduate studies in political science or public administration, or law school.


The Political Science Department employs multiple direct measures to engage in the assessment of student learning. These measures include:

  • The Political Science Knowledge Test which is a locally developed assessment that includes multiple choice questions from the subfields of American Government, Political Theory, Comparative Politics and International Relations along with an essay question that addresses broad themes within the discipline. The test is given to incoming freshman and then again to graduating seniors to ascertain the value-added of the political science undergraduate program.
  • The department uses locally developed rubrics to assess student performance in internship settings and on the senior seminar research project. The senior seminar project requires students to conduct original research and present that research to department faculty. The senior seminar course, POLS 495 is required of all majors and will meet the advanced writing requirement of the new ESU General Education program.

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