This minor focuses Spanish language communication with the professional content areas typically encountered by ESU students entering the workforce in areas such as healthcare, business and the social services. It is especially useful to employers as a credential attesting to professional competence in Spanish.

Program Features

Students are required to complete eighteen credits, as follows:

  1. Up to nine credits in any course in Spanish, starting with MLSP 117 Spanish II;
  2. Three or more credits from the following courses: MLSP 232 Conv. Span. for Business, MLSP 233 Conv. Span. for Health Services, MLSP 234 Conv. Span. for Soc. Services, MLSP 251 Translation, or other professionally-oriented courses in Spanish as approved by the department, including transferred courses;
  3. MLSP 307 Spanish for the Professions (three credits)
  4. Three credits at the 300- or 400-level from Spanish coursework with significant emphasis on culture, as approved by the department. Such courses currently include MLSP 305 La cultura trav├ęs del cine, MLSP 444 Cultural History of Spain, MLSP 445 Cultural History of Latin America, and MLSP 450 US Latino Literature and Culture

Additional Requirements

No grade less than C will be accepted toward the minor. A minimum GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.

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For additional information regarding the programs offered, please contact the department secretary at (570) 422-3407 or email kdrennan1@esu.edu.

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