All ESU community members with a valid ESU email address are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources to learn a language!

Travel, research, career-growth, overseas family ties — all of these are compelling reasons to learn a language, or extend your knowledge of one you know. Each resource provides many hours and different modalities for language learning. All are user-friendly.

All three resources, below, are accessible on nearly any device, and no fees or charges are involved. This is a benefit extended to all ESU students, staff, faculty, administration and alumni.

For more information about these resources, or to ask about credit-bearing courses in a language, see anyone in the Department of Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Religion (Stroud Hall 208; (570) 422-3407;


uTalk is a mobile-friendly, multimedia, language-learning app with over 100 languages to choose from. Use it for practicing useful phrases, learning many vocabulary sets and thematic topics, and comparing your speaking against a native-speaker’s. Includes professional/business applications of most languages.

Instructions for uTalk

  • Download uTalk on any device.
  • On the app select "Login" (NOT Sign Up) then "Student login"
  • Find East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and login with your student details


Pronunciator provides a multimedia learning environment for over 100 languages. It includes in-depth grammatical references, professional-sector thematic practice, voice comparison, downloadable pdf files of vocabulary lists, and even a guide for non-US citizens seeking to study for the citizenship exam. A unique feature is the ability for nonnative English-speakers to learn different varieties of English, and to change the app’s interface to their own language


Ethnologue is the world’s premier hub for language-related information. Not a language-learning site, it nonetheless provides the language learner with complementary information on any of the world’s 7,000+ languages. Country profiles, dialects, relative health of each language, and many, many more features are available to inform the user about any language of interest.

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