About the Department

The Department of Modern Languages, Philosophy and Religion features academic areas that are underpinned by a deep commitment to the humanities. Faculty members share strong training in language and thought, and provide students concrete pathways for applying their academic studies toward meaningful work beyond the university.

Modern Languages

In addition to regular cycles of Spanish and Chinese, French, German and Latin are offered on a selective basis. As supplementary coursework, individualized instruction in the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs), including Arabic, Japanese, Turkish, etc., can be arranged. Occasionally, ESU students may take advantage of shared courses from other State System universities via videoconferencing.

Philosophy and Religion

You have the option of a 30 credit major or an 18 credit minor in Philosophy. You will have the opportunity to study and discuss the most important social and ethical questions of our time, as well as delve into enduring questions about human nature, the significance of religion in human society, and what it means to live a good life. Religious Studies is offered as an area of academic focus within the department.

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For additional information regarding the programs offered, please contact the department secretary at (570) 422-3407 or email kdrennan1@esu.edu.

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Stroud Hall 208
(570) 422-3407
Title of Department Leader
Department Chair
Jeff Ruth
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