Students undertaking the Spanish B.A. major at ESU benefit from a wide variety of experiences—coursework in language and culture; extracurricular clubs, lectures and performances; on-site study in another country; and internship opportunities.

Initial coursework is calibrated to a student’s proficiency upon entry. Early on, students begin taking courses aimed at developing workforce skills, such as the trio of conversational courses for the healthcare, business and social services sectors. Translation training is offered regularly.

The language sequence is capped with two 300-level courses that ensure strong speaking and writing proficiency in the language. A linguistics course offers cross-cultural perspectives on language, while the Critical Approach course functions as a bridge toward reading literature effectively.

Two 400-level courses challenge students to engage with Spanish texts embracing literature and civilization from all over Latin America, Spain and the U.S.

Upon graduation, students apply their Spanish skills to employment in many professional areas, or to further studies in graduate school. Some choose to defer the choice by gaining placement as a fully-funded English Language Assistant at a school in Spain, as part of a popular program administered by that country’s government. Whatever their path forward, students emerge with a degree that has prepared them for versatile and stimulating interactions with Spanish in a multilingual world.

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