If issued Form I-515A at entry to the U.S., the student or exchange visitor needs to report to their Designated School Official (DSO) or Responsible Officer (RO) immediately. The DSO and RO will need to assist the student or exchange visitor by providing the proper guidance or documentation required to complete the submission process within the 30 days allowed.

If these documents are not received within 30 days of the student's entry into the United States, he or she will not be in legal status and must leave.

The documentation is to be mailed to:

Student and Exchange Visitor Program
ATTN: I-515A Processing Team
Potomac Center North
500 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20024-6121

Individuals will not be allowed entry to this government facility to hand deliver this material. Walk-ins are not permitted and will be turned away.

Mailing these forms and the supporting documentation, by USPS, FEDEX, or UPS, to the address above is the only accepted practice. Once the documents are received by mail they will be processed and returned within 10 to 15 business days. If the DSO or RO has not received the adjudicated documents back within this time frame, they may inquire by e-mail at sevis.source@dhs.gov or phone on (703) 603-3400.

If a student or exchange visitor is leaving the United States within that 30 day period, they are to fax copies of the I-515A, their I-94 departure card and their airline ticket to (703) 603-3597 Attn: I-515A Processing Team. This will satisfy the compliance requirement for those individuals.

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