Local Address Requirement

ESU is legally required to have your current U.S. residential address on file at any time during your program here. Please be prepared to provide us with your residential (not office or department) address when you first check in at our office. If you should move to a new residence during your time here in the United States, you must inform us of the new address within 10 days of the move. You can report a change of address by stopping by the office or sending an e-mail message with the change to oip@esu.edu.

On-Campus Employment

F-1 and J-1 students are eligible to work on-campus while attending classes. The work does not need to be related to your field of study. You must maintain legal F-1 or J-1 status while engaging in on-campus employment.

On-campus employment includes work done as a teaching or research assistant as well as jobs in the university library, dormitory dining facilities, laboratories, and administrative offices. On-campus also includes employment with on-location commercial firms which provide services for students on campus, such as stores or restaurants located in a University owned building.


  • You must be enrolled in a full course of study during academic year
  • You may not work more than 20-hours per week on-campus during academic year
  • You may work full-time on-campus during vacation periods
  • You may not be employed after completing requirements for your degree
  • You must receive authorization from the Office of International Programs

Off-campus employment is very restricted for J-1 students. Under certain conditions, students carrying J-1 visas may be eligible for off-campus employment based on economic need or academic training.

Contact Us

For more information about international programs, please contact the office.

Contact Information

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Title of Department Leader
Interim Director International Study Programs
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