The Campus Rec & Wellness offers one of the most unique employment opportunities to students at ESU.

It employs over 50 students every semester who are directly responsible for the operations of the Mattioli Recreation Center and programs that include Group Fitness, Special Events, Club Sports and Leagues.

Through employment at Campus Rec & Wellness, students will gain and develop interpersonal competencies as well as critical thinking, leadership and professional skills that will prepare them for their future.


Campus Rec & Wellness will post positions during the middle of each semester to recruit new student employees for the next semester. Prior to posting these positions, Campus Rec & Wellness will hold hiring informational fairs for an opportunity to learn more about the positions offered and meet current student workers.

two students standing in front of rec centerEmployment Recruiting Time Table

  • Summer Employment: March / April
  • Fall Employment: March / April
  • Spring Employment: October / November

Are there Positions Currently Available?

Follow the these steps to see positions that have been posted:

  1. Go to student employment under Human Resources
  2. In the “Search Jobs” box, choose “Student Worker”
  3. Click through the pages until you find positions titled “Rec Center”(Note: If the search does not return results, the Rec. Center is not currently hiring.)
  4. Click the recreation center position that interests you
  5. Read the posting details
  6. This will be the application for all positions. When you apply you will have the ability to choose specific positions.
  7. Click Apply to this Job. (Link is posted on the same line as “Bookmark this Job” & “Print Preview”)
  8. If you have not registered for this site before, it will prompt you to do so at this time.
  9. Complete the Application.
  10. If you would like to apply for another job in the department, follow these steps again.
  11. Please note all positions require a resume. Be sure to attach your resume to the file.

Customer Service Philosophy

Service Vision: To be the healthiest and happiest part of your day


  1. Treat our users how you want your loved ones to be treated. Treat all users like they are the VIP (Very Individual Person)
  2. Look Sharp! Look alert, attentive, energetic, happy to be here and eager to serve.
  3. Remember the two most important part of the users experience, the beginning and the end!
  4. Learn something about the users and utilize that to make their experience special.
  5. You have the authority to make your users happy!
  6. Learn from our users. Learn their needs, wants, and ideas. When the user wins, the Rec Center wins.
  7. Never say no. Always lead with what you can do for the user to fix their problem.
  8. Don’t be a stranger. Wear your name tag!
  9. Appreciate, recognize and encourage one another
  10. Be the expert! Know what is going on in your area and beyond! Be a valuable resource.

Contact Us

Please contact Gerard Morgan (570) 422-2978 with any questions related to Campus Rec & Wellness.

Contact Information

Campus Address
1282 Centre Street
(570) 422-2970
(570) 422-2980 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Director of Campus Rec & Wellness
Gerard Morgan
(570) 422-2978