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Dean Peter Hawkes

The College of Arts and Science, the largest division of the University, houses three faculties: the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts and Letters. In addition, the College is home to the General Education Program, required of all students, and the Honors Program. The College is committed to teaching and learning.

Over the years, college faculty members have developed a powerful set of degree programs, a range of studies wide enough to fit just about any student’s interests and needs.

Each program helps students to think. But when a student chooses a program, it is a choice of what to think about. A physics major thinks about different things than a psychology major. A math major has different matters on her mind than an art major.

Novelist David Foster Wallace says education has “everything to do with simple awareness; awareness of what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight all around us, all the time.” The academic major helps the student see what to pay attention to and how to construct meaning from what is seen. Through its 30 majors, the College of Arts and Sciences is able to offer its students many different ways of thinking about the world.

The College of Arts and Sciences can be characterized by its aspirations. It is a collection of departments that seeks to clarify its role as a liberal arts college within a comprehensive university. It intends to expand its emphases on assessment and student learning. It seeks to enhance its programs so they continue to challenge students to broaden their intellectual horizons. It aims to aid faculty in their endeavor to transform student lives.

The College recognizes the educational benefits of internships, faculty-guided research, and studying abroad opportunities. It appreciates the personal and intellectual growth that can come from such experiences.

The College possesses a talented faculty deeply committed to engaging students in learning and scholarship. As knowledge grows and disciplines change, the faculty update courses and programs and their methods of delivery.

We are proud of all our students who receive their degrees each year.

We know the College’s faculty and programs will continue to transform students’ lives.

Dr. Peter Hawkes, Dean

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College of Arts & Sciences
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  • Tiffany Tookmanian

    East Stroudsburg's program has been truly a blessing for me. I am currently working full time at Passaic County Technical Institute! Tiffany Tookmanian

  • Kelsy Banin

    I'm writing this email to share some very exciting news with you. I WAS OFFERED A JOB! I'm officially a working professional in Boston!  I can't thank you both enough for all of your help throughout my career at ESU! Kelsy Banin

  • Jillian Nemeth

    I got a job at the Richland county school district in SC!! I'm very excited. Jillian Nemeth

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