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  • Procedure Title: Pre-Employment Background Check
  • Policy Number: AF-2014-001
  • Effective Date: 
  • Review Date: 
  • Division: Administration & Finance
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources Management

Procedure Summary:

The following is a step-by-step guide to East Stroudsburg University’s background check process. It is essential that all those involved in the hiring process be familiar with the details of these procedures as appropriate.


  1. All applicants must complete the East Stroudsburg University Employment Application which is located at
  2. Written notification of the requirement to successfully pass a Background Check will be given during advertisement and/or at time of application.
  3. An Information and Consent Form will be provided to interviewed applicants to complete, sign, and return to the Office of Human Resources.
  4. Once a candidate is selected for appointment and the Information and Consent Form is received, Human Resource Management notifies the designated third-party vendor to initiate the Background Check. Background Checks will be initiated only by individuals in the Human Resource Management Office to whom that responsibility has been formally delegated. Background Checks will include, at a minimum, a Statewide Unified Search, National Criminal Database, Motor Vehicle Record Check, and Social Security Track. The vendor will notify the Director of Human Resource Management of the results when the check is completed. Information obtained is kept confidential by the vendor and the University.
  5. When there are no questionable results from the Background Check, the Director of Human Resource Management will notify the appropriate administrative superior by email. If any questionable information is received, the Director of Human Resource Management contacts the appropriate administrative superior for discussion. Appointees are also informed by the Director of Human Resource Management if there are questionable results and provided an opportunity for reply or explanation prior to any possible withdraw of the employment offer.
  6. A successful background check must be completed before any appointee may begin employment, except as follows:
    1. Any offers made before a Background Check has been completed shall be expressly conditional upon successful completion of the Background Check as stated in the appointment letter.
    2. Employment may begin prior to completion of the Background Check only as a conditional offer of employment and when the hiring manager establishes to the satisfaction of Human Resource Management there is a compelling need.
    3. Conditional offers shall be withdrawn if the results of the Background Check are deemed to disqualify the applicant for the position (regardless if conditional employment began.)
  7. A Background Check must be conducted prior to the start of re-employment. If employment has ceased for any reason, and the staff/faculty employee, graduate assistant/graduate student, and undergraduate student (dependent upon position held) is rehired, a subsequent Background Check will be conducted if the break in employment is greater than 6 months (or one semester in the case of temporary faculty.) Camps and Conference workers and volunteers will need to have annual background checks completed each year, regardless of whether there has been a break in employment. Successful Background Check history will need to be reported by the Director of Human Resource Management prior to the start of a camp or volunteer position.
  8. Nothing herein is intended to contradict or lessen application of federal or state laws or regulations, or to restrict departments from initiating expanded or more extensive checking activities in appropriate circumstances, after consultation with Human Resource Management.
  9. Human Resource Management will be responsible for the costs associated with the Background Check. The investigation will be conducted by a qualified vendor approved by the University to conduct such investigations. Human Resource Management will initially cover the costs associated with running the Background Check, however in the case of Camps and Conferences, the specific camp will be charged back.
  10. Please contact Human Resource Management at 570-422-3422.


Information and Consent Form will be provided to interviewed applicants.

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