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  • Procedure Title: Attendance Procedure
  • Policy Number: FA-2011-027
  • Effective Date: 
  • Review Date: 
  • Division: Finance & Administration
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources Management

Procedure Summary:

The following procedures apply to management, administrative and support staff employees of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.


Personal business obligations and commitments should be planned to not conflict with work schedules.

All staff members will adhere to their arrival times, and return from meals and breaks promptly.

Supervisors, in conjunction with the Office of Human Resource Management, will monitor leave records.

Factors that are monitored include frequency, reasons, and total time lost because of absences, tardiness and early departures.

All leave must be reported through the Employee Self-Service system.

It is each employee's responsibility to keep track of available leave balances.

Usage and balances are included on the bi-weekly pay statement and are available through the ESS portal.

Employees are responsible for reporting their illness or injury to their supervisor at least 30 minutes prior to their starting time.

If you are unable to speak with someone, a voice mail message on the supervisor's extension is an acceptable means of notification. (For information on sick absence resulting from an on-the-job injury, refer to the University’s Worker’s Compensation Policy.)

Employees are responsible for reporting their need for sick leave on a daily basis.

Employees who received pre-approved sick leave for an extended period due to unique circumstances (i.e. outpatient surgery, hospitalization, doctor’s request, etc.) are not required to call in each day for the approved time period.

If the approved time period must be extended, the employee is responsible for notifying his/her supervisor immediately.

Individual department may have additional requirements for reporting leave. Please check with your supervisor.

If employees call to inform their supervisor that they will be reporting for work late, and fail to arrive by the time originally stated, an additional call or explanation is required.

Each supervisor is responsible for reviewing the use of sick leave by each employee under his/her supervision.



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