Warrior Notes compiles all or most campus-wide messages into one, concise communication. The bulleted list of notifications and reminders is sent to all faculty, staff and students via email each Monday. If your message should not be sent to all faculty, staff and students, please request a Campus-wide Email.

Warrior Notes Requirements:

  • Example Warrior Notes emailAll messages should be sponsored by an ESU department or organization and should be relevant to the ESU campus community. ESU does not promote outside businesses such as restaurants.
  • Messages will be limited to three consecutive appearances in Warrior Notes. If you would prefer three specific dates instead of consecutive listings, please specify the dates in your request. Messages occurring more than three times require special approval by your dean or vice president.
  • Submit Warrior Notes messages for approval as follows:
    • Faculty/staff adviser for student organizations
    • Dean or director
    • Vice President for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence or his designee
  • Once approvals are obtained, forward approvals to erichard10@esu.edu and complete the Warrior Notes Request below.

Contact Us

Please direct any questions to the Office of University Relations at (570) 422-3532. For Warrior Notes communication, please contact Elizabeth Richardson at (570) 422-3139.

Contact Information

Campus Address
411 Normal Street
(570) 422-3139
Title of Department Leader
Assistant Director University Relations
Elizabeth Richardson