East Stroudsburg University currently has official listings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Social Media Requirements

  • ESU's Facebook pageRequests must be appropriate for all internal (students, faculty and staff) and external (site visitors, prospective students, friends of ESU) audiences in order to be considered for posting.
  • All submissions must be brief (Twitter only allows up to 280 characters per tweet). All submissions should be checked for grammar and spelling before they are reviewed by system administrators.
  • Must include name of contact person and contact information.
  • Must be submitted at least one week in advance of distribution and must have a requested posting date identified.
  • All messages must be approved, in this order, (1) director or chair of the specific department sending the message, (2) vice president of that division and (3) director of Marketing and Communications.
  • If the submission does not meet the approval of the vice president and/or the director of Marketing and Communications, it may be returned to the individual submitting the material for edits.
  • Once the submission meets the approval of the vice president and the director of Marketing and Communications, it will be forwarded to the assistant director of Marketing and Communications for appropriate posting. Marketing and Communications will determine the appropriate social media platforms for each message.

Contact Us

Please direct questions about ESU's social media to Mike Gombita, mgombita@esu.edu.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Reibman Administration Building
(570) 422-3756
Title of Department Leader
Social Media Strategy Manager
Mike Gombita