Procedure Summary

To ensure compliance with applicable laws, the procedures below are consistent with legal requirements and aimed at reducing the risks to safety, security and privacy.

All faculty, staff, students, affiliated organization, contractors and general public wishing to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including drones and model aircraft, hereinafter collectively referred to as UAS on campus must adhere to these procedures


All members of the University community are personally responsible for complying with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, state and federal laws, and university policies.

Any University employee or student wishing to operate a UAS as part of a university program or as part of their University employment must obtain one of the following from the FAA:

  • Operate as a Part 107 Pilot in Command, or
  • Obtain a 333 exemption, or
  • Obtain a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) issued by the FAA*
  • Complete a Request to Operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems Form and return with signatures to the University Police and Safety Department

*As the aviation industry, UAS technology, and applications of UAS evolve, the FAA may change the rules and regulations for model aircraft, the rules in Part 17, or other rules. Any change will supersede this policy and, if necessary, require amendments to this policy.

Flights approved on University property are restricted to uses that:

  1. Meet the University’s educational mission as determined by the Provost or his/her designee,
  2. Serve the University’s business needs, as determined by the Vice President of Administration and Finance or his/her designee, and;
  3. Meet the SAA’s mission and values as determined by the Executive Director of the Student Activity Association or his/her designee.

Note: Media outlets wishing to use UAS on campus may wish to contact Marketing and Communications for assistance in obtaining approval.

ESU’s Chief of Police or his/her designee will inform the requestor via email within 10 business days of receipt of Request to Operate a UAS of the approval or denial.

All approved requests for UAS Operations will be for a specific time and a specific location to ensure that multiple UAS are not creating a hazard to each other.

Any University employee, student, or department purchasing a UAS (or the parts to assemble a UAS), or UAS services with University funds, grant funds, or auxiliary funds must contact the University Police and Safety Department in order to assess the University’s ability to obtain a COA, other necessary FAA exemptions, comply with revised FAA requirement, or meet local compliance requirements.

Any party planning to use a UAS on University property must first provide proof of FAA approval. In addition, operation of a UAS by a party on University property must be under a contract which holds the University harmless from any resulting claims or harm to individuals and damage to University property and provides insurance as required by the University Police and Safety Department.

In operating a UAS for purposes of recording or transmitting visual images, operators must take all reasonable measures to avoid violations of areas normally considered private. Pennsylvania state laws relating to the invasion of privacy and wiretapping prohibit the interception of wire, electronic or oral communications.


Request to Operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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